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Rhodes – Day 1
By far the largest and always the most powerful of the Dodecanese Islands, Rhodes abounds in beaches, wooded valleys and ancient history.
Kos – Day 2
Fringed by the finest beaches in the Dodecanese, dwarfed beneath mighty crags, cut through with lush valleys and everywhere displaying proud relics of its storied past, Kos is an island of endless surprises and varied treasures.
Halki – Day 3
Thanks to the gorgeous Italianate mansions that surround its harbor, the former sponge-diving island of Halki makes an irresistible first impression.
Leros – Day 4
Leros is said to have been the original home of Artemis the Huntress. There’s certainly something alluringly untamed and beautiful about the island, which is scattered with stunning Orthodox churches, dazzling blue coves and whitewashed villages.
Symi – Day 5
The first sight of the harbor of Symi’s capital Gialos, framed against an amphitheater of biscuit- and wine-colored houses rising on all sides, is unforgettable.
Patmos – Day 6
Little seems to have changed in Patmos during the 2000 years since St John experienced his awesome Revelation here. His hillside cave is now a monastery, and an even larger monastery now bristles atop the island’s highest hill.
Tilos –Day 7
If you’re looking for a green adventure on a lost island, Tilos is the place for you, with its mountains turning russet gold in the afternoon and fishing boats bobbing in Livadia’s pretty harbor.