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On Yachts under our management crew are our highest priority. Regardless the level of the investment of an Owner, the Crew at last emphasizes the outcome value of a Yacht.

We place great emphasis on teamwork and on creating an environment in which our seagoing staff feel valued and part of the Company. We also strive to reflect our Values and Vision throughout the Organization so that we can deliver the best possible service to our clients. By making all our employees feel part of the Parsifal family and by fully supporting their continuing education, competence-building and career development, we intend to stay fit to attract the ‘new generation’ of qualified seafarers.

As Crew Managers we undertake the full scope of management operations required by Owners, ensuring that each Yacht we are responsible for is manned with qualified and well– trained officers and ratings. We perform all crew-related functions including recruitment and selection, labour/union relations, long-term strategic planning and pool arrangements, training and education, safety-instruction courses, P&I claims relating to officers and ratings, recruitment, travel arrangements, provision, allotments, budgeting and accounts.

We assess manning quality in various ways including onboard evaluations, computerized tests and independent evaluations carried out by third parties. We are determined that our crew re-employment rate will never fall below 80% of individuals who have a first contact with us. Recruitment, Rotation and Retention We have a thorough recruitment process in place and closely follow up all staff assigned to a vessel.

Indicative topics of crew seminars:

- The impact of stress in decision making

- The importance of leadership in emergencies

- Variability of Human factor and impact on the four phases of an emergency

- Evacuation of the ship – Crisis Management

- Fire Drills

- Stability Issues

- Man over Board

- Crew Behavior and rules

- ISM & ISPS topics

- Solas issues etc

- Professional Housekeeping Operations

- Advanced Hotel Management