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‘…Professionalism, Responsibility, flexibility, enthusiasm, integrity… Our Principles’

Parsifal Management division’s services cover in depth every area of Yacht Ownership.

Financial Services: Budget controls and accounting, Day-to-Day financial concerns of your Yacht, encompassing everything from crew salaries to daily expenses, employment contracts, uniform design and ordering.

Each yacht maintains its own separate bank account. Monthly financial statements reflecting all expenditures, including payroll, are submitted to the owner along with the original paid invoices. We maintain worldwide banking relationships to assist you in the financing of your yacht.

Logistics: a comprehensive and valuable support service for the Captain of your Yacht.


advice and assistance with regard to Yacht’s Certificates, licenses, insurance cover and claims, classification status and flag state requirements

Crisis Support

expert- on- site advice and assistance with regard to emergency breakdowns, technical and crew problems

Technical Support

professional guidance in the general maintenance of your Yacht helps ensure it is always in sound condition and remains a valuable asset

Tailored made Itinerary planning

berth arrangements, provisioning and repairs, formalities

Repairs, spares acquisition and dispatch, ship yard quotes, scheduling

24 Hours Communication, Technical support Services, emergency transport by helicopter

Any or all of these services can be provided, as our management services are tailored made for each individual Owner. Parsifal ensures that all management aspects are carried out in accordance with our documented procedures : crew qualification and training, planned maintenance, vessel auditing, position reporting, emergency preparedness, safety of navigation, quality services available on board.

Parsifal will:

- Perform the Yacht management in accordance with an adequate, signed agreement

- Maintain the Yacht to an agreed standard where Safety, Quality and value of the asset are preserved and sustained

- Keep the Owners well informed about all aspects of their Yachts including maintenance, costs, availability and operational capability as well as any deviation from agreed standards or budgets

- Provide Officers and crew of a high standard for the vessels and control that education, training and qualification requirements are fulfilled in accordance with Parsifal’s established requirements

- Parsifal shall allocate the resources necessary to render the contracted services

- Parsifal shall provide its services in a cost reasonable and efficient way and adhere to sound principles with respect to accounting and fund management

- Parsifal will keep proper records and shall demonstrate that the services conform to the Quality System